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Effects are often overlooked, but are one of the more important things in making a game feel "good" (along with a little screenshake!)  There are quite a few variation of effects in this pack:

  • Arrow Rain
    • A single arrow slamming into the ground - can be used as a non-moving particle to create a rain of arrows!
  • Cleave
    • A standard hit effect
  • Crit
    • Another hit effect
  • Death
    • An explosion of black and red, useful for a "death" effect
  • Divine
    • A divine buff
  • Dust
    • Simple dust effect
  • Explosion
    • The quintessential explosion!
  • Heal
    • A healing bubble
  • Heal Particle
    • A simple particle effect that can look like a regen spell, one shot for a small heal, and more!
  • Hit
    • Standard hit effect
  • Lifesteal
    • A lifesteal bubble
  • Magic Hit
    • Standard magic projectile effect
  • Magic Shield
    • A cube that you can spawn as many as you want to circle your character(s)!
  • Physical Debuff
    • Take their melee damage down with this debuff!
  • Pierce
    • A great effect to put a bullet, arrow, or any other fast moving projectile onto!
  • Poison Particle
    • Poison your enemies with this particle effect!
  • Protection
    • Keep your characters safe using this defensive buff
  • Root
    • Spawn these around an area to stop them from moving!
  • Stun
    • Get an additional attack on your enemy by stunning them!
  • Taunt
    • A notification for when enemies notice you


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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